Industrial pourer

verseur électrique
d6035 stand-dump position

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Waste management is an integral part of most businesses. There will always be wastes, and while we’re getting better at separating our general waste into different types of bins and recycling green waste, a growing population simply means more waste every day. This means there will continue to be an increase in manual waste handling processes, like emptying of waste bins into industrial garbage trucks. However, lifting and emptying of a heavy bin into a truck is considered a very hazardous manual task. Statistics shows that an average of hundred thousand employees make serious claims of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders as a result of lifting and emptying wastes into trucks. To help prevent this, we developed a simple mechanically and electrically powered equipment that can be used, an Industrial and truck pourer.

Here's How Our Industrial and Truck Pourer Can Help Your Workplace

If your workplace is still making use of manual labor for handling waste, it’s worthwhile investing in our (verseur industriel et pour camion) to do the heavy work for you. Our pourers are designed with safety and usability in mind and are equipped with panels and powered by push-button hydraulic systems. Some benefits of using our include:

A single user can lift up to 275 kg with the D7415 series or 450 kg with the D6200 series, with the simple press of a button.

There is no risk of manual handling injuries of lifting heavy loads above shoulder height. The Industrial and truck pourer does all of the work.

A very fast lift operation cycle of about 8 to 10 seconds and compatibility with several bins including 60, 80, 120, 140, and 240 liters wheelie bins.

Our industrial and truck pourer eliminates the need for a hydraulic pump by using a compact one-piece actuator that allows pouring. We have different pourer models available for different types of containers. Our industrial and truck pourer can be installed in both a rear loader truck and a front loader truck. The industrial and truck pourer can be customized completely to suit your operation.