In land waste management and garbage collection, one factor that is very essential to operational success and efficiency is the ability of the applied equipment and machine to deliver utmost performance even in difficult environments and weather conditions without having to shut down. This and even more durability are what the HEIL Half/Pack Front Load Truck can deliver. The HEIL Half/Pack Front Loader Garbage Truck is designed to deliver consistently, proven superior performance in the most highly demanding environments. The ruggedness of this front load truck has allowed it to earn a significant number of committed users who can fully trust and rely on its unrivaled dependability and lower cost of ownership


HEIL | Half/Pack Chargement avant

As a commercially designed garbage collection machine, the HEIL Half/Pack Front Loader Truck is durable and has a very long-life span of over 30 years. This revolutionary technology from HEIL provides owners with enhanced features that helps in increasing productivity and lowering cost. With a number of unique innovations continually developed for this Half/Pack Front Loader Truck, you can be sure of getting the best operation experience.

The best part about the design of the Half/Pack Front Loader Truck is its long, reliable lifespan, and ability to withstand the harshness of daily use in the toughest environments. the Heil Front Loader Garbage Truck is offered in several different configurations in a choice of 20, 23 28 and 32 cubic yard body capacities. With new features and continually enhance functionality, HEIL continues to set the standards for front loader refuse trucks through evolutionary and innovative technologies. The HEIL Half/Pack Front Loader Truck stuns a remarkable 3-inch sump drain valve, clamp-on arms, a double-walled hopper, patented Shur-LockTM Tailgate locks, 8000lbs lifting capability, and over 11 tons of payload.

Some Other Features of the HEIL Half/Pack Front Loader Truck

Reduced maintenance expenses and time not-in-service due to easy access to critical components directly behind-the-cab.

Significantly reduced need for regular readjustment or replacement using high quality proximity switches.

On-board diagnostic tools for a quick and easy troubleshooting of problems with a design that makes routine maintenance a very easy.

Overall improved maneuverability and durability on rough city streets using a single axis configuration.